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Passing any PEBC Exam for Pharmacist EE, MCQ & OSCE or Pharmacy Technician MCQ &OSPE takes lots of time and effort. Whether you are a Pharmacy Technician preparing for Regulation Exams or a Pharmacist seeking a License to practice in Canada, Canadian Pharmacy Exams Prep (CPEPrep) can help! Our Comprehensive, Trusted and Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Exams Prep is now available conveniently Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Our CCCEP Pharmacy Technician Regulation Review Accreditation is a statement to our commitment to quality pharmacy continuing education leading to effective preparation for Canadian Pharmacy Exams.

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  • Our comprehensive pharmacy review resources have a proven track record of success with a consistently high passing rate for our subscribers.
  • Unmatched Canadian Pharmacy Instruction Experience
  • Our CCCEP Accreditation for Pharmacy Technician Regulation Review shows our leadership and experience
  • Our results-oriented study guides focus on the learning objectives of PEBC Canadian pharmacist and pharmacy technician exams.
  • Our free computer-based exam readiness tests help you identify areas of weakness leading to optimum preparation for exams
  • Our unique review style helps you understand key concepts and avoid unnecessary memorization of practice questions and answers.
  • Our study guides and practice tests are up to date with the latest PEBC materials and easy to understand.
  • Our qualified instructors with unmatched Canadian pharmacy education experience are passionate about helping you succeed.
  • Our affordable and convenient online program allows you to learn at your own pace.


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  • Comprehensive Online Pharmacist EE, MCQ, and OSCE Practice Questions, Scenarios, Stations and Charts
  • Comprehensive Online Pharmacy Technician MCQ-OSPE Practice Questions, Scenarios, Stations and Charts
  • PEBC Pharmacy Exams Review Books at Amazon
  • PEBC EE Home Study Guides
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  • Free computer-based exam readiness tests. Gain valuable skills before the exam. EE
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Canadian pharmacy exams prep

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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

 Trusted Effective Online PEBC EE, MCQ and OSCE Review   


pebc pharmacy technician

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Trusted Effective Online PEBC MCQ and OSPE Review


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Pharmacy Technician

Online Bookstore

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"Excellent. It clearly improved my understanding of major concepts in a short time-frame." R. A.

"I am grateful for the support by e-mail." Tom. S.

"For me, passing the EE would be impossible without the review. Thank you Dr. Marankan." Y. Lee  "Thanks CPEPrep. My wishes of great success!" T. Kim, Certified Pharmacy Technician  "Thank you for helping me come to Canada prepared for exams!" H. Siddiki  "Best pharmacy review books for Canadian licensing exams" P. B.

"Very helpful instructors and staff. Love you!" O.G. 

"I found technicians certification exams very easy with your practice questions. Thanks" P. Gill  "A friend convinced me to prepare for MCQ and OSPE online. I did because she used cpepreponline and passed on first trial in March, 2017. The content is great!" Mary S. P.  "My MCQ-OSPE headache has been solved!! I was scared to loose my job... I just passed!! :) K.Y.  "The free help I received from cpepreponline instructors gave me the confidence to study hard and succeed the OSPE. It is all good!! cpeprep is really #1." Jay H.  "cpepreponline review is the way to go. Keep up the good work cpeprep!! Much success!!" V. S. Regulated Pharm. Tech

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