PEBC OSCE Exam (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) or Qualifying Exam Part II is a primary exam towards Canadian pharmacy licensure. PEBC OSCE Exam has been designed to evaluate the knowledge and practical skills of Canadian Pharmacy Graduates and International Pharmacy Graduates seeking licensure. A candidate for PEBC OSCE Exam must be prepared to demonstrate practical skills in simulated-stations by interacting with a Standardized Patient (SP), Standardized Client (SC) or Standardized Health Professional (SHP). Stations are designed to evaluate several skills such as:

- Interviewing and collecting relevant patient information

- Interpretation of patient information to identify potential drug-drug interactions

- Interpretation of patient information to identify and manage drug adverse reactions

- Interpretation of patient information to identify the need for alternate drug therapy regimen

- Assess patient’s health status and address concerns

- Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to meet patient needs

- Ability to address ethical issues

- Effective and trusting communication with a patient

The Qualifying Exam Part I (MCQ) and The Qualifying Exam Part II (OSCE) address the nine key competencies as per the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC®).

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Note: You also need to pass a provincial or territorial jurisprudence exam and satisfy language requirements.