How to become a pharmacist in canada

PEBC Evaluating Exam and Qualifying Exams: EE, MCQ and OSCE

In order to be qualified as Pharmacist Canada, the very first step is Pharmacists Gateway Canada Registration

 Becoming a licensed pharmacist in Canada requires the following steps:

1.Document evaluation to assess the eligibility of International Pharmacy Graduates to write the first exam called the PEBC Evaluating Exam (EE).

2. Following successful document evaluation, you become eligible to take the EE.  

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 3. Once you have passed the Evaluating Exam (EE), you are eligible to take the Qualifying Exam Part I (MCQ) and the Qualifying Exam Part II (OSCE). The MCQ (written exam) and OSCE (oral exam) are critical exams towards Canadian pharmacy licensure. Both exams have been designed to evaluate the knowledge and practice skills of Canadian Pharmacy Graduates and International Pharmacy Graduates seeking licensure. 

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